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nba draft michael jordan

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nba draft michael jordan

Keith Brown, far right, poses with the NBA championship trophies from the first three-peat.Keith Brown, the Bulls Vice-President of Ticketing, is retiring with the end of this season after 37 years with the organization. Chicago owes Brown a great debt. Because, you see, the Rolling Meadows native selected Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA draft.That's because every time you see the Michael Jordan story, as you will Sunday night on ESPN with the debut of the Last Dance documentary, there's the NBA draft scene with the young kid signaling a thumbs up and NBA commissioner David Stern announcing Michael Jordan with the No. 3 pick to the Chicago Bulls.And so the legend began."That demonstrated what a great sports market Chicago is and what a wonderful brand the Bulls have and a wonderful building," said Brown. "After 37 years, the time is right. I want to travel the world, enjoy some golf and family."
So then came the franchise changing draft, not that anyone knew it at the time. Every team was angling for U. of Houston center Akeem (nee) Olajuwon. The tanking antics were so egregious the NBA instituted the draft lottery the next season. The Bulls great fortune was Portland with the No. 2 pick from a previous trade with Indiana, which certainly would have selected Jordan, had Clyde Drexler, regarded at least Jordan's equal at the time."When camp started we were in the conference room having lunch the first or second day of practice at Angel Guardian gym," recalls Brown. "It's around noon and (coach) Kevin Loughery comes walking in. Rod Thorn looks down at his watch and asks him what he's doing there. He knows the team is practicing. Kevin says, вЂI had to cut practice short.' Rod says, вЂWhat do you mean?'Michael Jordan during his rookie year.It was the beginning of a remarkable journey for the northwest suburban kid who went to Illinois State and was a door to door cable TV salesman with his first job out of college. Not exactly the dream. Where was it?
"I'd fetch lunch for Rod Thorn almost every day," Brown remembered.Keith Brown made a brief appearance on television as he called in the Bulls' selection of Michael Jordan."Rod Thorn didn't give me any advance notice about who we were going to pick or what players he liked," Brown admitted. "Most people assumed it would be Michael Jordan if he was available. But I didn't know for sure until Jonathan Kovler advised me on the telephone after it was our turn to pick. We never considered that possibility or any other emergency situations. If my phone line went dead, I probably would have advised an NBA official and asked for more time or another open line. If I was denied those accommodations and forced to make a pick, that would have been a lot of pressure. But I probably would have selected Michael Jordan, anyway, since he was widely considered the best player available."Brown flew back to Chicago and back to the phones. So what did the Bulls really have?"I was 23 at the time and thought it was a bit odd. вЂWhy me?'"

Inman, who died in 2007, long defended his decision to skip Jordan.SportsPulse: Michael Jordan's former teammate BJ Armstrong believes 'The Last Dance' will have a lasting impact due its universal message. USA TODAY.“There’s stories like that in any sport,” Inman once said when Jordan retired in 1999. “You can look at any draft, and there’s going to be those questions raised.”We also know why Portland choose Bowie. The Blazers had a talented wing player named Clyde Drexler, and they believed they needed a center. Big men played a prominent role in a team’s success in that era of the NBA, and teams drafted more on need than talent.So, Portland general manager Stu Inman drafted Bowie, not wanting or thinking he needed another wing alongside Drexler. That wouldn’t happen today. A GM would draft the most talented player and work from there even if it meant making a trade later.
And Inman, the general manager, would be viewed in a much different light. He, not Rod Thorn, would have been praised for drafting Jordan. Though Inman also helped build the Blazers team that won the 1977 championship, Inman is remembered for this draft snafu.Or the Blazers roster, with Jordan, that advanced to the 1992 Finals: Jordan, Drexler, Porter, Duckworth, Robinson, Kersey, Danny Ainge, Mark Bryant and Alaa Abdelnaby.What if – one of the biggest what ifs in NBA history – the Blazers had chosen Jordan instead of Bowie?The oft-injured Bowie played in just 139 games in four seasons with the Blazers.
You can make the argument that the Blazers would have defeated the Pistons in 1990 and the Eastern Conference representative with Jordan on Portland in 1992. You could also make the argument the Blazers probably would have won another two, three championships with Jordan.“With a little hindsight, we could have adjusted to each other, because of our skills. It could have worked out,” Jordan said in 1992.The Blazers would have had Jordan on one wing and Drexler on the other, and Drexler said during the 1992 Finals between the Bulls and Blazers, “I believe we could have coexisted.”In this June 19, 1984, file photo, NBA Commissioner David Stern, center, is flanked by Akeem Olajuwon, right, the No. 1 pick overall by the Houston Rockets, and Sam Bowie, the No. 2 pick overall by the Portland Trail Blazers at the NBA Draft in New York. (Photo: Marty Lederhandler, AP)True. But not like this one.

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